hacking: 4. Searching for security holes-Nmap

Hi, today I will tell you how to search for vulnerabilities using the nmap tool, nmap next to Nessus is probably the best known tool to search for vulnerabilities, today it will show how to use it.

Run kali linux and type nmap -sC ip victim, in my case display:

Wyszukiwanie luk w zabezpieczeniach za pomocą nmapa

There are information about open ports, their numbers, used services, used system that informations might be very useful, for example if you want to upload an exploit to a specific operating system using metasploit, Mac address of the victim, etc.

If you want more information enter nmap -sV ip victim, there are many more commands, but I just wanted to show you how nmap works.

If you want to read about nmap, enter the command nmap -script-help default, if you would prefer a graphical interface nmap, go to the top tab “Applications” then in “Information Gathering” and at the bottom select the “zenmap” tab.

You enter the victim’s ip in the place “target”, select in the “Profile:” field, what type the scan is and choose the “scan” button, as you can see everything can be on-click, you musn’t amuse in the console.

As I mentioned, there is another very good tool for scanning “Nessus”, I will not describe it here on youtube, it is well described in this video:


This content also you can find on steemit: https://steemit.com/hacking/@slawas/hacking-4-searching-for-security-holes-nmap

And on medium: https://medium.com/@sawomirkowalski/hacking-4-searching-for-security-holes-nmap-3bde8920c274

Today I’ve described to you two very good tools to search for vulnerabilities, of course, there are many more tools to search for vulnerabilities, but for me these two are the most effective ones. For today, that’s all, bye !!!

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