C# language: 10. Cloning objects

Hi, today I will explain briefly what is the cloning of objects, let me just say it in a nutshell, today I will only say what is more or less the point. There are two types of types in C #, valuable and reference types. The former are usually the …

C# language: 8. Methods

In the previous lesson, we learned how to encapsulate our code, but we do not know when we should add in our cake from previous lesson those components! That’s why today we will learn the function or the so-called methods, you know how look “Main” is a function.

C# language 7. Fields and properties

Recently, on the previous lesson, we learned what object-oriented programming is, what are classes and objects, today you will learn what fields and properties are, that is, so we will learn one of the principles of object-oriented programming, data encapsulation, but this is end of the introduction 🙂

hacking: 5. ICMP protocol

Hi, I will describe you today ICMP protocol, which serve to reserach the internet and to trace, for hackers, has very curious using e.g protocol ICMP can be used to DOS attack or to quiet moving infromation through network. I will show how that works .